Alongside his brother Drew, Jonathan Scott earned millions of fans around the world for his starring turn presenting the smash hit reality TV show Property Brothers.

But the brotherly dream team isn’t the only relationship in Scott’s life that inspired his fans and hit headlines around the world. Fans were delighted when he started stepping out with TV producer Jacinta Kuznetsov, and it seemed that the two had truly found their soulmates in each other.

So the world was surprised in 2018 when the pair announced that they were no longer together. What could have happened to this perfect couple to tear them apart?

Power Couple

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To everyone who saw the two of them together, it seemed that Jonathan Scott and Jacinta Kuznetsov had a perfect relationship. The couple’s Hollywood good looks and obvious affection for each other led many to believe that they had a perfect relationship—so it was all the more surprising when they announced they had gone their separate ways.

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